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Journal: Journal of Urology and Renal Diseases

Online ISSN: 2575-7903

Print ISSN: Not Provided

Publisher Name: Gavin Publishers

Starting Year: 2016

Website URL:

Country: Australia


Research Discipline Medical

Frequency: Monthly

Research Language: English

About Journal:

Journal of Urology and Renal Diseases (ISSN: 2575-7903) is a scientific online, open access, peer-reviewed journal which covers high quality manuscripts which are both relevant and applicable to the broad field of functional urology, reconstructive urology, laparoscopy, robotic surgery, endourology, female urology, andrology, paediatric urology, urinary system, oncology, and sexual medicine, renal cell biology, renal pathology and pathophysiology, genetics of kidney diseases, renal immunology, hemodynamics regulation, electrolytes and acid-base balance, and other mechanisms study of renal disorders. Clinical trials, observational studies, and other original clinical research work related to kidney diseases are the focus of the Clinical Science Section. Important studies on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are also considered. Moreover, the journal welcomes articles addressing interdisciplinary fields, such as hypertension and associated cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders related kidney injury, renal nutrition and health care policy.

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