Queen Arwa University Scientific Refereed Journal

Journals Detail

Journal: Queen Arwa University Scientific Refereed Journal

Online ISSN: 2959-3050

Print ISSN: 2226-5759

Publisher Name: Queen Arwa University

Starting Year: 2005

Website URL: https://journal.qau.edu.ye/index.php/srj

Country: Yemen

Email: info@qau.edu.ye

Research Discipline Multidisciplinary

Frequency: semi-annually

Research Language: Arabic &. English

About Journal:

Queen Arwa University Journal: A scientific journal that refines the scientific production of researchers in both Arabic and English in various scientific fields. The first issue was published in the year 2005 .

It is issued by Queen Arwa University semi-annually, specifically in the months (July and December) of each academic year.

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