Journalism, Politics and Society

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Journal: Journalism, Politics and Society

Online ISSN: 3005-527X

Print ISSN: Not Provided

Publisher Name: Shafi Research Publishers PVT LTD

Starting Year: 2023

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Research Discipline Management

Frequency: Quarterly

Research Language: Not Provided

About Journal:

Journalism, Politics and Society (abbreviated as Jour. Pol and Soc.) is an international research journal that is publishing double-blind and peer-reviewed research. JPOLAS is published quarterly a year. Specially being a Journalism, politics, international relations, education, psychology, sociology, the journal considers manuscripts from social sciences. The journal accepts and publishes original articles, research papers, case studies and reviews of high quality. JPOLAS publishes original research based on its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance, and surprising conclusions.

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