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Journal: Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization

Online ISSN: 2520-0313

Print ISSN: 2075-0943

Publisher Name: University of Management and Technology

Starting Year: 2011

Website URL:

Country: Pakistan


Research Discipline Islamic Civilization and related themes

Frequency: 2

Research Language: English

About Journal:

JITC presents a trailblazing platform to the Islamic scholars and social scientists for publishing their research work. It is bi-annual journal that is published in spring and autumn (fall). We strive for a global readership and thus have always encouraged contribution from around the world. Furthermore, our advisory board is truly reflective of our global view of the journal. In addition, we hold ourselves subject to the quality parameters set by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The Editorial Board of the journal is currently determined to get the journal indexed in well reputed databases.


Our vision is to encourage and stimulate research in the field of Islamic thought and civilization and open up new avenues for debate and discussion about contemporary religious and cultural thought and practice. JITC strives to distinguish itself based on the quality of its contents and rigorously maintains ethical standards.

Aim and Mission:

Our mission is to provide an understanding of Islam that goes beyond academics and takes into account the rapidly evolving social and ethical requirements of the current era. Moreover, we also wish to critically review the image of Islam, its history, culture, civilization and values as portrayed in the West. JITC corroborates comparative religious thought and enables the readers to fully comprehend the core values of Islam. Hence the journal portrays the positive and true spirit of Islam.

Scope of the Journal:

The journal covers the fields of Qur’ānic Studies, Hadith, Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Law, Islamic History and Society, Islamic Thought and Literature, Islamic Origins, Islam and Peace, Islamic Civilization, Muslim Societies, Theology, Indo-Islamic Civilization, Oriental and Occidental Studies in the context of Islam and Muslims, Comparative Religions, Modernity and its tenants; contemporary issues like Islamophobia, Critical Muslim Studies and Liberation Theologies, Anthropology of Islam, Postcolonial Studies and Muslims Studies etc.

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