International Journal of Population Data Science

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Journal: International Journal of Population Data Science

Online ISSN: 2399-4908

Print ISSN: Not Provided

Publisher Name: Swansea University

Starting Year: 2017

Website URL:

Country: United Kingdom


Research Discipline Population Data Science

Frequency: Continual Publishing Online

Research Language: English

About Journal:

The International Journal of Population Data Science (IJPDS) is an electronic, open‑access, peer-reviewed journal focussing on the science pertaining to population data. It publishes articles on all aspects of research, development and evaluation connected with data about people and populations. These include: technological advances in data storage and management; architectures and infrastructures; legal and regulatory issues; ethical, legal and societal implications (ELSI); privacy-protection methodologies; data and linkage quality; analytical advances; accessing distributed data; linking to emerging/complex data types; using big data; outcomes-based research; epidemiology; service evaluations; public involvement and engagement; capacity building; and delivering and measuring impact.

The creation of the IJPDS was inspired by the International Population Data Linkage Network (IPDLN). The journal has a regular section for topics of particular interest to the IPDLN sub-edited by the Director(s) of the network.

IJPDS is based in Population Data Science at Swansea University.

IJPDS is published under Swansea University, a registered charity. No 1138342.

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