Evaluation Method

Eligibility condition
Journals with Print ISSN/E-ISSN are eligible to apply.
The Research Journal Impact Factor is calculated per year on the basis of a 100 points contribution scale and on the number of articles published during a year. Articles are selected from each issue and their quality is judged.
Evaluation Methodology: The below quality factors are evaluated:
  • Originality Contribution (OC): 50%
  • Scientific Quality Contribution(SQC):20%
  • Review Process Contribution (RPC):20%
  • Regularity and stability Contribution(RSC):5%
  • Technical Editing Quality Contribution(TEQC):5%
Total Quality Contributing Factor (TQCF) OC+SQC+RPC+RSC+TEQC

What we look at during the evaluation:

  • Quality of Publication
  • Manuscript Quality
  • Presentational Quality
  • Editorial Quality

Journal Indexing Policy

1. Journal publications should be peer-reviewed.
2. Timeliness should be mention before publishing
3. The title should have abstracts, article title, author names and affiliations and keywords in English.
4. The title should have “cited references” in the Roman script.
5. Journal Website in English.
6. The journals must have a consistent format for the indexing, e.g. complete metadata, cited references, and OJS system.
1. The journal age must be 1 years minimum (or after 2 issues published).
2. Citations in national or/and international databases.
3. Good diversity in authorship.
4. Good diversity in editorial board members.
5. Clear journal concepts and policy.
6. Uniform journal formats (references, illustration, table, etc.; author names, author affiliation, abstract, keyword, and references in Roman script).
7. Journal website in English and/or local language. (update,comprehensive)
8. Online Submission system
9. Quality of Abstract. (English version)

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