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Journal: European Chemical Bulletin

Online ISSN: ISSN 2063-5346

Print ISSN: Not Provided

Publisher Name: Deuton-X Ltd

Starting Year: 2012

Website URL:

Country: India


Research Discipline areas of chemistry

Frequency: Quaterly

Research Language: Not Provided

About Journal:

European Chemical Bulletin (ISSN 2063-5346) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers, short communications, and review articles in all areas of chemistry. European Chemical Bulletin has eight sections, namely

Section A: Organic Synthesis and Chemistry of Natural Products

Section B: Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry

Section C: Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

Section D: Inorganic and Material Chemistry

Section E: Biochemistry, Chemical Biology and Biotechnology

Section F: Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Section G: Chemistry of Industrial Processes

Section H: Quality Consideration accepting multidisciplinary Scope Manuscripts

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