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Journal: Bulletin of Biological and Allied Sciences Research

Online ISSN: 2521-0092

Print ISSN: Not Provided

Publisher Name: Medeye Publishers

Starting Year: 2016

Website URL:

Country: Pakistan


Research Discipline Life Sciences

Frequency: Continues

Research Language: English

About Journal:

Articles for Bulletin of Biological and Allied Sciences Research (Bull. Biol. All. Sci. Res. eISSN: 2521-0092) must be original reports of research not simultaneously submitted to or previously published in any other scientific or technical journal and must make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge or toward a better understanding of existing scientific concepts. The study reported should be applicable to a sizable geographic area or an area of ecological or economic significance and of potential interest to a significant number of scientists. Each calendar year will have one volume. Bulletin of Biological and Allied Sciences Research publishes articles as soon as the final copy-edited version is approved by the authors rather than waiting for a collection of articles for a specific issue. Also, each article is published in its respective category. BBASR consider the following categories of articles; Original research Article, Short Research Article, Short communications, Review Article, Minireview Article, Systematic Reviews, Policy Papers, Commentaries / Opinion Article, Data Notes, Study Protocols, and pre-protocols, Method Article, Data Article, Case reports / Case studies, Clinical Practice Article, Grey literature government reports, Abstracts of scientific meetings, Letter to the Editor, Scholarly Book Review, Technical Note, Perspective, Correspondence, and News and Views. As a result, the page numbers in the ‘Table of Contents’ displayed for each issue will reflect this rather than numerical order. The journal was started aims to provide a platform of publications under the banner of MEDEYE Publishers following eminent standards to the researchers, scholars, scientists, and professionals of Biological and Allied Sciences. The inclusion of multiple academic disciplines helps in pooling the knowledge from two or more fields of study to handle better-suited problems by finding solutions established on new understandings. The authors can submit manuscripts online through OJS System. Authors can submit their manuscripts to the editorial office along with any query through email at,

Bulletin of Biological and Allied Sciences Research publishes articles reporting original research articles are grouped by subject matter into all type of biological and medical research but not confined with the following categories: Botany, Plant Sciences, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Genetics, Plant Computational Biology, Plant Cell Biology, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Ecology, Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Economics, Marine Sciences, Plant-Microbe interaction, Plant environmental interactions, Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Animal Sciences, Human Genetics, Animal Biotechnology.

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