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Journal: Accounting & Management Research Review

Online ISSN: 3006-1202

Print ISSN: 3006-1199

Publisher Name: Irham Research and Education Center

Starting Year: 2022

Website URL:



Research Discipline Management

Frequency: Biannual

Research Language: English

About Journal:

The AMRRJ is a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners who are interested in the latest research in accounting and management. The journal’s rigorous editorial process and strong reputation for publishing high-quality research make it a leading publication in the field.

Here are some of the benefits of publishing in the AMRRJ :

Rigorous editorial process: The JAMRR has a rigorous editorial process that ensures that only high-quality research is published. Your paper will be reviewed by at least two experts in your field.
Strong reputation: The AMRRJ has a strong reputation for publishing high-quality research. Publishing in the AMRRJ will enhance your reputation as a scholar.

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