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Journal: Research Journal of Human and Social Aspects

Online ISSN: 3006-970X

Print ISSN: Not Provided


Starting Year: 2024

Website URL:

Country: Pakistan


Research Discipline Management

Frequency: Biannual

Research Language: English

About Journal:

The Research Journal of Human and Social Aspects (RJHSA) occupies a valuable niche within the vast landscape of academic periodicals. While the specific details of the journal, such as editorial board and publication frequency, may vary depending on the particular RJHSA you’re considering (as several journals use this title), a core strength lies in its focus on the intersection of humanities and social sciences.This interdisciplinary approach fosters a unique space for exploration. Researchers from diverse fields, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, literature, and philosophy, can contribute their expertise to shed light on complex human experiences. The RJHSA provides a platform for them to engage in fruitful dialogue, cross-pollinating ideas and methodologies.

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